The Day The Nuc Arrived!

Hello Chasers,

Well, today is the day that our Nuc arrived! After 15 months ago receiving the gift of a Flow Hive for my 60th birthday, researching, planning, studying, constructing and being mentored in the finer arts of beekeeping, today we finally took delivery of our first Nuc – it was just like Christmas Day as a kid all over again!

This project was a long time in the making but so worthwhile as it relates to my passion – gardening and nature!

Just like in business, we need a plan to focus our attention on in order to be successful.

Thank you, Ange, Dinah, Alli & Sofie and my friends at Hive Buddy and mentor, Dr Anna Carrucan – now the real work begins transferring the theory into practice!

Have a great day!

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