The Simplest Marketing Plan

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The Simplest Marketing Plan
The key to this quarter’s theme ‘Consistent Cash Flow’ (where the content is focusing on helping you generate more cash flow, more leads, more sales and more profits in your business) is to have a plan – a Marketing Plan, that is!

Now the goal of any form of marketing is to get a response, hopefully, a positive one that provides the contact details from the lead. Marketing is simply the process of communication and persuasion:

Communication – putting a message into the mind of your target market/ideal customers
Persuasion – getting them to take action.

A Marketing Plan helps you get the marketing message and strategy right by answering questions like:


  • What is your message?
  • Who is the audience?
  • How will the message be interpreted?
  • What action do you want them to take?


If you want to manage what people think and say about you, you need a marketing plan. Without a marketing plan, you simply don’t know how effective what you’re currently doing is or where you’re wasting resources – both time and money!

Businesses without a marketing plan often spend money on the wrong customer, with the wrong message, in the wrong channel and with the wrong strategy.

It’s like firing a shotgun down a street and hoping like hell you hit a lead!
This is an easy problem to fix.

We have developed ‘The Simplest Marketing Plan’ (TSMP) which is available to you.

Simply, send us a message requesting ‘TSMP’ and we will send you the link.

A Marketing Plan will help you deliver Consistent Cash Flow.

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