The Systems Approach to Managing Your Business

Hello Chasers,

When you first started your business, you probably thought to yourself, ‘great, now I have control over my time I can get the work done and the rest of the time is mine to do what I want’.

But you quickly realised that getting the work done was only part of your role as a business owner.

The dream that you thought you were creating has quickly become a nightmare!

Now you have to juggle a number of different tasks and you have to:

  • collect the payments for your invoices;
  • pay the bills;
  • promote your business to get more work;
  • order in the materials for the job;
  • plan the job schedule/contractors/employees;
  • complete the bookwork;
  • manage customer complaints;
  • deal with team member conflict
  • and so on …

Business is easy right?

Well, if it was then everyone would be in business!

But …

… it can be easier.


By adopting a systems approach to managing your business.

So, start by breaking up all of the tasks in your business and then looking at all the components that are repeatable or in other words, you will need to do more than once.

Now, once you have identified those repeatable tasks the next step is to create a system or process of all the steps required to carry out that task.

Once completed, give the task to someone in your business who is not familiar with that role and get them to follow the system to give it a ‘test-run’ – to ensure it is fool-proof and delivers the quality and control of excellence every time.

As soon as this has been through a trial period and produces the results you want you now have a created a system for one less task that you have to do because you can now delegate it to someone else.

This is what a systems approach to managing your business is all about at a very basic level.

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Have a great day!

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