Tips for Managing Remote Workers

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Tips for Managing Remote Workers

Hello Chasers,

More and more business employees are now telecommuting, and companies around the world are restructuring their management practices to meet the challenges of remote collaboration.

As we navigate the continuing Covid 19 pandemic more workers are still working from home but more importantly, with the shortage of local workers many businesses are now turning to offshore workers for their labour source – meaning the need for managing remote teams is higher than it’s ever been. Because they tend to be more agile and open to change, small businesses are particularly well positioned to adapt to telecommuting.

Increased productivity and happier employees who appreciate the added flexibility are just a few benefits of winning over small business owners.

But telecommuting also presents some challenges –in particular, two core issues: keeping track of what remote workers are doing and ensuring that remote and in-house teams form a cohesive unit.

These tips can help you effectively manage and support your remote employees.


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