Tools To Brainstorm Your System Development With Your Team

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Hello Chasers,

So, you have decided to have a planning session with your Team to create systems and processes that will not only drive efficiencies in your business but also create a consistent way for dealing with everything at a high standard such as your industry best practice.

If you are either a Microsoft or Google product user then today’s tech tool blog has you covered.

Microsoft have an online Whiteboard tool, similar to those used at school whilst Google have a similar tool called Jamboard that works on laptops and PC’s as well as other smart devices such as iPads and iPhones.

Either of these tools allow you to create an online page where you can map out all of the steps in your system creation allowing for constant editing, revision etc. Once completed you can then delegate the task to a Team Member to post in your systems manual for future reference by the whole Team.

If you are still weighing up whether to use Microsoft or Google then check out this excellent article by Dash from Teams Rocket that ‘Compare’s the Pair’ as well as including short videos to quickly show you how the two tools work. Here’s the link:

Let me know which one you are using or will choose to use.

Have a great day!

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