What Are You Aiming For In 2023?

Hello Chasers,

Yesterday our Team headed to The Chasers Hub for our 2023 Planning Day.

We revisited our Vision, Values and our Purpose to make sure that we are all aligned with the direction we are heading.

We discussed prioritising and making sure our health and well-being are at optimal levels to allow us to deliver exceptional service to those customers we are privileged to help. We will recognise the importance of our Team members even more so by allowing them to celebrate their birthday with a day off!

Our 2023 calendar was then built using the concept of rocks first, then pebbles and sand. If you’re not familiar with this analogy check it out here (rocks, pebbles & sand) and you will become enlightened if you are serious about building and living a fulfilling life. After all, if it isn’t scheduled in the calendar/diary we won’t have time for it and it won’t get don’t!

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