Who’s Your Avatar? Hunting for the Perfect Customer

Hello Chasers! 

Ever feel like you’re firing marketing messages into the void, hoping something sticks? 

Yee, that was us several years ago too. 

That’s why today we’re talking about your ideal customer, the one who screams, “YES! This is exactly what I need!”

Think of it like this

In Avatar, you wouldn’t try to sell spaceships to the Na’vi by blasting commercials in Pandora’s rainforests, right? 

You’d find the Jake Sully’s who dig human tech and can navigate both worlds. 

Marketing needs a Jake Sully, not a scattergun!

Here’s the thing: some businesses think everyone’s their customer. But that’s like trying to be friends with everyone at a party. It’s exhausting, and you probably won’t connect with anyone deeply.

Instead, let’s craft a bullseye. We need to understand EXACTLY who our ideal customer is. Age, interests, challenges, the whole kit and kaboodle. Think of it as a super detailed profile, not a creepy stalker file but similar!

Why is this so important? 


The more you know about your dream customer, the better you can talk to them. Right platform, right language, right message – BAM! 

Marketing magic happens.

So, how do we find our Jakes (or Neytiris?)

Look at your best customers already. Who are the rockstars you want to clone?

Dive deep with these 11 questions: Age, location, job, what stresses them, why they buy from you (besides your amazing smile!), and more.

Get your team on board. Are they on the same page about who your ideal customer is?

By building a clear picture of your ideal customer, you’ll stop shouting into the void and start having real conversations. 

Just targeted marketing that gets results.

Have a great day, and happy hunting!

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