Why Bother with Google Reviews?

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Another key strategy to optimising your online presence is through the power of reviews and testimonials. And ensuring that you have plenty of quality online reviews is a crucial first step for getting more traffic and visibility on your site. 

Businesses with more reviews and the highest average ratings are going to get more traffic both digitally and physically than those with very few reviews. Once you see the power of this strategy, it becomes a flywheel that gathers more momentum as businesses with more reviews gain more visibility, which results in more traffic, that leads to more reviews.

The internet has enabled the truth to be stretched, scams to flourish and as consequence consumers no longer trust the advertising and marketing word of businesses. No matter what you say about your business, if your customers aren’t raving fans then nor will their peers and inner circle.

Having reviews and testimonials allows you to quickly build a reputational hack very quickly and is seen as a digital marker of quality that visitors take serious note of. In fact in a recent study on reviews, 95% of customers read online reviews before buying whilst 49 percent of consumers say they trust some online reviews as much as personal recommendations from family and friends. Better yet, studies show that customer confidence in these online reviews is increasing every year.

But there is a strategic way to do this rather than simply calling up a customer and asking them for one – the review would probably be lack lustre in this situation anyway.

Consider this for a moment …

If you have ever delivered an amazing result for your customers, they are probably on a high and are already singing your praises e.g., got them a table at the new restaurant that is booked out for months ahead, made room for their last-minute beauty treatment or fixed a burst water pipe in the middle of the weekend!

If you or your Team have gone above and beyond in delivering for your customers that moment is the prime time to ask for a testimonial or review!

Don’t waste the opportunity when you have done some great and amazing for your customer to ask for a review.

This strategy can be automated and managed by your Team and is an important KPI to monitor on a weekly basis because it enhances your visibility and online presence.

Does your business have reviews and testimonials as a marketing strategy to optimise your online presence?

If it doesn’t and you need some help in building one, please contact our Team on 55612643.

Have a great day!

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