Why You Need A Business Coach.

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Why You Need A Business Coach.

Hello Chasers,

One of the biggest problems with being in business is that we don’t know everything.

If you reflect on most small businesses, you will notice that they have either been started from the skills of a good technician e.g., the plumber starts a plumbing business, the hairdresser starts a hair salon, the beautician starts a beauty therapy business, the lawyer starts a legal practice etc.

Or the business has been purchased from an existing business owner.

Quite often the skills required to run and manage the business don’t exist because there was no or limited training in those critical areas of a business.

Now, seeing that the footy finals are currently in full swing let’s consider the skills of the full forward. If he is to be successful at his craft he needs to have good technique – rehearsed mental preparation for lining up the approach, good ball drop, straight kicking action and follow through. If his kicking is wayward and his conversion is poor, he will spend time with a kicking coach to refine his technique and practise that new style until it is second nature to him.


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