Why you need to use Mobimag to promote your business

The publishing of digital documents like magazines, catalogs, and guides has been broken for some time.

The reason why is that documents were originally created to be read on paper. And the standard size became the classic A4 with only slight variations.

With a canvas this big, we could lay things out with 3 or even 4 columns across and place design elements all over the page.

Then when we moved to computers, we started sending documents digitally, which saved thousands of dollars on printing.

This worked for a while until smartphones entered the scene. They started small but in the last few years, their adoption exploded.

Now smartphones are the world’s most popular computer and, when not at work, they make up 80%-90% of time spent online.

This creates a major problem for publishers because now the original A4 canvas doesn’t work. Your text becomes tiny and impossible to read. Sure people can pinch and zoom but the experience of reading is terrible.

Fed up, Mobimag was developed when its designers realised that the only viable solution to the problem is… to change how we design documents!

They experimented with dozens of sizes to finally land on the best size for mobiles.

That number is 400 pixels wide!

As for height, that number can vary based on the length of each article or story.

Also, they recommend a single column layout and a font size that gives you an average of 7-8 words across the page. Then add images, pull-out quotes and design elements every second scroll.

Plus, with their technology, you can also add videos, podcasts, clickable buttons and subscribe forms.

In September 2020, we launched the Southwest’s first digital business magazine, check it out here: https://mobimag.co/chasing-the-dream

If you are interested to find out how you can do this for your business please contact Shannae on 55612643. And as part of our 30th Anniversary Celebrations we can offer you a 30% discount off the annual subscription but this offer runs out on the 31st December 2020 so get in quick to take advantage!

Have a great day!

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