Why Your Phone Needs a System, Not Just a Ringtone

Hello Chasers,

The humble telephone. It’s been the business lifeline for a century, yet still, so many businesses treat it like a temperamental beast, answered haphazardly or ignored entirely. 

But listen up! 

Having a phone system isn’t just about avoiding cranky grandmas complaining about hold times. It’s about unlocking a hidden portal to efficiency, customer satisfaction, and, dare I say, employee sanity.

Picture this: A potential customer calls, eager to buy your services. But instead of a crisp, cheerful greeting, they’re met with dead air, followed by the frantic scramble of someone yelling, “Who’s got the phone?!” Chaos ensues, the customer hangs up, and your services-selling dreams dissolve into dial-tone dust. 


That, my friends, is the anti-system. It’s a recipe for missed opportunities, disgruntled customers, and frayed nerves. 

But fear not, for there’s a better way! 

Enter the systemised, glorious phone-answering revolution!

Think of it like building a bridge over the communication chasm. A system isn’t just about picking up the phone (although promptness is key, like, answer-before-the-second-ring key). It’s about having a clear, consistent process that guides every call, from greeting to goodbye.

Here’s the magic:

Automated menus: Let’s face it, some calls just need directions or FAQs answered. An automated menu frees up your team for the juicy, human-interaction calls while directing simple inquiries to their digital destination.

Call routing: No more frantic “Is Bob in?” charades. Route calls directly to the right person or department, ensuring prompt service and saving everyone the agony of phone tag.

Scripted greetings and messages: Polish that first impression! A professional, welcoming greeting sets the tone and makes callers feel valued. Plus, pre-recorded messages can handle after-hours inquiries or provide basic information while your team sleeps soundly (dreaming of widgets, of course).

Call logging and metrics: Knowledge is power! Track call volume, identify peak times, and analyse call content to see what’s working and what needs tweaking.

A well-oiled phone system isn’t just about efficiency. It’s about building trust and loyalty. Every answered call, every prompt response, is a tiny brick adding to the solid foundation of customer satisfaction. And a happy customer? That’s a repeat customer, a brand ambassador, a walking billboard for your widget-y goodness.

So, ditch the phone-answering anarchy! 

Embrace the system, be the captain of your communication ship, and watch your business sail smoothly towards success. 

Remember, in the words of the great Alexander Graham Bell (probably): “A phone with a system is worth two in the bush.”

P.S. Need some help building your phone system call our Team on 03-55612643 and we will show you how our ‘Phone Right’ program works to improve your business.

Have a great day!

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