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Welcome to our ‘Chasing the Dream’ universe!

From our ecosystem of products you will find the tools, tips and ideas to help you along your entrepreneurial journey and run a more successful business – one that you’ve dreamt about!

Chasing the Dream! The Blog
The Blog

People around the world say it’s one of the best small business blogs that they have been following and it’s produced right here in the Southwest of Victoria, Australia.

Chasing the Dream! The Book
The Book

Many small business owners struggle to grow a successful business because of a lack of knowledge of the key areas to focus on. Our book, ‘Chasing the Dream – How to Grow Business in these Amazing Times!’ provides a guide on how to create a business full of meaning and purpose.

Chasing the Dream! The Community
The Community

This is a group like no other group that you have visited. It helps everyone who is ‘chasing the dream’ by helping them and their small business actually achieve their dreams.

Chasing the Dream! The Magazine
The Magazine

This magazine will inspire you and ignite your passion to truly follow your business dream. Check out the Chasers who are doing just that already.

Chasing the Dream! Mastermind Group
The Mastermind Group

The Chasers Mastermind is a group where smart people get together and give each other feedback on their businesses.

Chasing the Dream! The Meet Up
The Meet Up!

The Chasers Meet Up is a monthly gathering of the local small business community where we get together for a couple of hours of learning, fun, networking, food and drinks.

Chasing the Dream! The Program
The Program

Chasers Getting Results® (‘CGR’) is a program designed specifically to help you create the business you’ve always WANTED.

The Podcast
The Podcast

The Chasers Channel is our podcast that supports our small business community – young families who have a small business.