Don’t Be in ‘De Nile’ About Your Business Failure!

Hello Chasers,

One of the keyways to free up your time in your business is to have someone else on your Team do the work.

However, most business owners will have all the experience and knowledge ‘trapped’ in their heads and need to spend many hours teaching and training someone else to do what they do – or,

at the very least, the simple repetitive tasks that are required day in and day out.

Without documented systems and processes, your business is limited in its ability to grow and scale.

In Chapter 4 of my new book – Starting the Dream ~ How to Avoid a Nightmare When you Start a Business, I highlight the causes and reasons why businesses fail and the 12th one is a lack of systems and processes in a business.

A lack of systems and processes can lead to failure for several reasons:

  • Inefficiency: Without well-defined systems and processes, tasks can be repetitive, time-consuming, and prone to errors. 

This may result in a slow and inefficient operation that can negatively impact the bottom line.

  • Miscommunication: Without clear processes in place, communication between employees, departments, and even with customers can break down. 

This can lead to confusion, misunderstandings, and mistakes, and the lack of quality control can harm the company’s reputation.


  • Poor decision-making: Without processes in place to gather, analyse and interpret data, decision-making may be based on incomplete or inaccurate information. 

This can lead to poor business decisions that may negatively impact the company’s growth and success.

  • Lack of accountability: Without systems and processes in place, it can be difficult to hold employees accountable for their actions. 

This can result in a lack of motivation, and a lack of commitment to meeting goals and objectives. And this applies to every role in the business, not just the Sales Team.

  • Increased risk: Without well-defined systems and processes, a business is at a greater risk of security breaches, fraud, and legal issues.

If you have just started a business or looking to start one, don’t be in denial about the things that can go wrong. By having an awareness and understanding of these issues then you will have a greater chance of success as you will be educated as to what to look for and how to resolve them.

You can get a copy of my new book by clicking on this link – Starting the Dream ~ How to Avoid a Nightmare When you Start a Business and fast track your success.

Have a great day!

PS – I proofread a copy whilst cruising on the River Nile last month and it is an essential guide for any budding entrepreneur.

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