No One Has Ever Started A Business To Fail On Purpose!

Hello Chasers,

The Australian Bureau of Statistics indicates that over 60% of small businesses cease operating within three years of starting. 

It is a daunting figure and something that is thrown at the most enthusiastic business individual who announces to the world that he/she is about to start a new venture.

It’s also an extremely sad and largely avoidable statistic. These small businesses account for the vast majority of businesses in Australia representing 97% of all companies and it’s clear they’re shutting their doors in alarmingly high numbers.

COVID certainly threw a major spanner in the works for whole sections of small business. You only have to wander around the CBDs of our major cities to see the still boarded up shops that have permanently closed.

Now we’re out the other side of COVID increasing interest rates, electricity prices, lack of workers and major supply chain issues are new challenges facing small businesses.

Starting and building a successful small business is really challenging in this environment so it’s even more important that you set your business up for success.

That’s why I’ve written my second book for small business owners, Starting the Dream. How to Avoid a Nightmare When You Start a Business. It’s being launched in October and covers what I believe are the critical things EVERY small business owner MUST be aware of and understand to ensure that they start and build a successful business. These are:

  • What the stats tell us about business failures
  • Why go into business
  • Why running a business can be a nightmare
  • The Causes – what are the reasons why businesses fail.
  • The Solutions – what can be done to reduce business failure.

There is a SPECIAL OFFER ahead of the book launch too!

Order your special pre-publication copy of Starting the Dream and take advantage of the special pre-publication price for my new book and for the two-book package. 

Get your copy at this one-time only special price

Build the business of your Dreams and AVOID the Nightmare.

Have a great day!

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