Petra-fied About Starting a Business?

Hello Chasers,

So you’re bitten by the entrepreneurial bug – that audacious, thrilling desire to craft your own path, chase your passion, and become your own boss. But hold on, adventurer, before you gleefully jump into the business jungle, there’s a reason it’s called a jungle: lurking dangers can turn your vibrant dream into a petrified nightmare.

Don’t get me wrong, the entrepreneurial spirit is something to be celebrated. It’s the engine driving innovation, shaping our world, and creating opportunities. But like any good explorer, venturing into uncharted territory requires preparation, awareness, and a hefty dose of courage. 

Because let’s face it, starting a business can be downright petrifying.

The statistics are enough to make even the bravest shiver. 20% of businesses fail in their first year, a whopping 50% by year five. These numbers lurk like monstrous crocodiles waiting to snatch your dream in its jaws. But here’s the good news: knowledge is your machete, and with the right weapon, you can carve your way to success.

My new book, Starting the Dream: How to Avoid a Nightmare When You Start a Business, isn’t about fear-mongering, it’s about empowerment. I’ve been an accountant now for over 40 years and over that time have been dissecting the anatomy of business failures, identifying the common traps that ensnare even the most ambitious entrepreneurs. 

This book is your guide to navigating those treacherous waters, armed with the knowledge of others failings so that you can learn from these but also recognise the warning signs before it’s too late!

Starting a business is scary, yes. 

But remember, fear often thrives in the shadows of ignorance. 

Arm yourself with knowledge, and the nightmares will transform into fuel for your entrepreneurial fire. 

Let Starting the Dream be your guide, your machete, your compass, and your unwavering cheer squad as you embark on this thrilling, transformative journey.

Remember, the jungle may be full of dangers, but it’s also brimming with beauty, opportunity, and the sweet nectar of achieving your dreams. So strap on your backpack, adventurer, and let’s conquer this jungle together!

Want a taste of the action? Pre-order Starting the Dream today and receive a bonus resource on Dealing with Entrepreneurial Imposter Syndrome – the sneaky gremlin that whispers doubts in your ear. Because even the bravest adventurers need a pep talk sometimes!

PS – A recent photo standing near the entrance to the impressive Treasury at the historical archaeological site at Petra in Jordan.

Have a great day!

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