Systems – A Dead Certainty for Success!

Hello Chasers,

We recently travelled to Egypt as part of our 2023 Business Masters Retreat – a place that I have wanted to visit ever since I read about Lord Carnarvon’s sponsorship of Howard Carter’s discovery of the boy king, Tutankhamun in a Readers Digest whilst sitting on the toilet in my parent’s home as a ten-year-old. 

I can still hear my sister’s frantic banging on the door for me to hurry up!

Now this trip involved three weeks away from work and is something that would not have been possible without having developed and documented systems and processes for our amazing Team to follow in our absence.

Documented systems and processes map out exactly how things get done and leads to smoother, more efficient operations, minimising errors and wasted time. With clear documentation, new Team members can learn and contribute quickly, enabling faster expansion and scaling. You’re not reliant on a few key individuals holding all the knowledge in their heads. Team members can follow established procedures, freeing you to focus on strategic planning, innovation, or even taking a well-deserved break.

Knowing our business can run smoothly in our absence allowed us to relax and recharge without constantly worrying about daily operations. This can boost our productivity and creativity when we are back in the loop.

If you want a dead certain way to grow your business in 2024 so that you too can take time out, then you need to develop systems and processes in your business and store them in an easy to access place for your Team to use.

Floating in the Dead Sea was another highlight that I wanted to experience. What better way to enjoy this phenomenon with a good book – Starting the Dream.

Have a great day!

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