8 Ways to Make Your Cash Flow More Consistent

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AI is Here

Hello Chasers, Last week I attended the 2nd quarter conference for our business network that was focused entirely on the theme of AI (artificial intelligence). And to say it blew…

How to Explode Your Business Growth

Hello Chasers, We now head into the final month of our quarterly theme (Creating Consistent Cashflow) and today’s strategy is the fastest way to grow your business – Partnership Marketing.…

Blush Design

Hello Chasers, If you struggle sometimes with getting your message across with text then an amazing alternative is this tool – Blush Design With this app you can tell your…

What’s Your Conversion Strategy?

Hello Chasers, Without a properly thought-out strategy for converting all of the leads that your marketing generates, you will be at risk of converting very few. This is very expensive…


Hello Chasers, Having a clean email signature that also contains all of your social media links in an uncluttered format looks and feels more professional. We have come across a…

Automate With Autoresponders

Hello Chasers, If you’ve been playing at home and following our blog posts this quarter about creating Consistent Cash flow, then so far you have mapped out your ‘Lead Funnel…

Profit First

Hello Chasers, A large part of creating a Consistent Cashflow is to always have funds available to cover your expenses – personal & business! What would your life be like…

May the 4th Be with You!

Hello Chasers, Today is the official Star Wars Day for lovers of this movie franchise. I can remember seeing the first Star Wars movie in my teens and it seemed…