New rules for the extension of the JobKeeper Payment

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Changes to Jobkeeper eligibility

Recent modifications to the JobKeeper scheme allowing certain new employees to qualify for JobKeeper payments from 3rd August 2020 has placed additional obligations and deadlines on eligible employers. But you…

JobKeeper 3.0

On 21 July 2020, the Government announced that the JobKeeper Payment (‘JKP’) would be extended until 28 March 2021 (i.e., for a further six months beyond its original end date…

JobKeeper changes coming in September

The government has announced changes to the JobKeeper scheme. The Treasury’s review found that the subsidy was still “needed” but required a “test to ensure that JobKeeper is well targeted”.…

Beware the JobKeeper SGC Trap!

You have been paying your Team to keep them financially stable and are looking to get reimbursed ($1,500 per employee per fortnight) under the Federal Government’s Stimulus package. For an…

The JobKeeper Payment

The Federal Government has announced (as part of its Coronavirus Stimulus Package) the introduction of a new JobKeeper Payment to assist eligible employers (and self-employed individuals) who have been impacted…